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a little bit about me...


I'm Alexis. I'm just artsy, unfiltered, and love to create.

I have eczema and I started an Instagram back in 2016 that was dedicated to skin positivity called @eczemalove so that's become a pretty big part of my life. In 2018 I was going to an Eczema Expo and wanted to wear a silly shirt but I couldn't find any -- so I made some. Alas, my originals:

"Yes, I've tried coconut oil."  &  "It ain't easy being itchy"


and if you have eczema... you get it.

Fast forward to now, I'm bored and I have ideas. I just want to create things that make people laugh, bring them some ounce of joy, or at least roll their eyes. So, here I am, creating some silly shirts.

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